Seasoning Ingredients


Seasoning Ingredients offered by Drytech are:

  • Cheese powder
  • Tamarind powder
  • Tomato Powder

Cheese Powder

Grades of cheese powder vary from processed cheese with salty cheesy taste profile to milky creamy cheesy taste profile.

Tamarind powder

Spray dried tamarind powder is easy to use in Instant mixes, it adds to the natural taste, aroma and flavour of tamarind. Drytech tamarind powder has it typical sour and tangy taste profile.

Tomato Powder

Products with 60-100% tomato solid content available.
Our tomato powder has a crisp, ripe and fresh tomato taste profile; it is sweet –sour in taste and has a tangy taste profile with a mild savory (Umami) note.


  • Seasonings ( Dusting powder in wafer, popcorns and so on)
  • Instant Gravy/ curry mixes
  • Instant Tamarind rice